Who We Are

About The Speedy Foundation

The Speedy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization named after 3-time Olympian, Jeret "Speedy" Peterson of Boise, ID and Park City, UT, someone near and dear to us who we lost to suicide. Speedy was a champion for mental health, sharing his own struggles openly in a time before it was socially acceptable to do.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prevent suicide and encourage mental health action. We believe that through education and awareness we can help individuals, organizations, and communities end mental health stigma, spark meaningful conversations, and create suicide prevention champions out of EVERYONE.

We are suicide prevention advocates by way of education and conversation. We believe:

  • Suicide can be prevented by advocating for those who struggle with mental illness.
  • Suicide can be prevented by promoting conversation to end the stigma surrounding mental illness.
  • Suicide can be prevented by providing mental health education.

Our Motto

If you can talk about suicide, you can talk about anything.

Where Do We Help?

The Speedy Foundation originated in Idaho, but we've since expanded our reach to include the states of Utah, Nevada, and California. Despite being a remote organization, we are proud to have a diverse team of individuals who are passionate about advancing our mission and driving positive change in the world.

Brand Story

Olympic Logo

The image on the left was visibly featured on Speedy's gear and belt buckles throughout his olympic appearances. The above video delves into the meaning behind this symbol.

In Memory

Brook Gower and her young sons designed the artwork on the right to commemorate the passing of Speedy following his memorial service.

The Speedy Foundation

Thanks to the brilliant collaboration between Christina Shiebler and Sue Christensen Randall, the TSF logo was refined and continues to be widely used today.

TSF Beanies

In 2020, ED Shannon Decker learned of these fleece-lined beanies made in Nepal and decided to order them as a fundraising opportunity. The hats feature Speedy's original logo, come with mental health resources, and serve as a reminder of the importantance of mental health.

Mentally Covered

The intriguing and interesting idea of Mentally Covered was thought up the talented Kat Crozier. The eye-catching and distinctive logo was expertly crafted by the skilled Crissie Hoskins.

Where We Are Now

The logo design created by Grace Shimatsu features the inclusion of a beanie, and has been officially service-marked in order to provide legal protection.

Click here to view our complete branding guidelines and download our logo for use.