Passionate About the Cause? Fundraise.

The Speedy Foundation, through a lot of hard work and incredible partnerships, has been fortunate enough to be able to hold many diverse fundraising events over the years. Keep scrolling to understand the fundamentals of fundraising, how to become a fundraiser yourself, and some examples of the opportunities we've had to touch the hearts of many people, whose selfless generosity has helped spread the message of The Speedy Foundation far and wide.

Ways to Give Throughout the Year

Host an Event - Consider a cupcake sale, bingo night, donation-based yoga, dinner party, birthday donation request, or anything else that you're passionate about.

Venmo - We're on Venmo! (@speedyfoundation) This is a super easy way to support our cause.

Recurring Contributions - If you are interested in giving more often, but don't want to add another to-do item to your calendar, consider setting up a recurring contribution. Our Funraise software system allows you to securely store your credit/debit card number and run it for any amount, set at the time interval of your choosing. Check out or donation page to see how.

Memorials/Honorariums - If you or someone you know has lost a loved one, or would like to honor someone in a special way, consider donating in their memory or honor. These donations are listed on our site and assist our organization greatly in general operations, special projects, and many other ways.

Social Media Crowdfunding - While we do not receive notification of who the donations come from, we have been very fortunate to have supporters share special events by creating fundraisers to support our work. We might not be able to thank individuals, but we are incredibly grateful!