Join us in our mission to prevent suicide and increase mental health awareness.

Together, we can change the mental health frontier. Whether you are a corporation, small business, community organization, or individual…every contribution helps us accomplish our goal.

You can contribute by sending a check payable to The Speedy Foundation to 800 W Main St #1460 | Boise, ID 83702, or complete the form to give electronically.

You will receive a receipt confirming your donation. Donations are tax deductible. 

How does your donation make an impact?

The Speedy Foundation operates on your generosity. Your donations allow us to offer the following programs and services to our community:

Mentally Covered Training Center
Online, on-demand trainings. Your donations allow us to create new courses and continue purchasing seats for existing courses. Thanks to your generosity, our training center currently offers the following complimentary trainings:

Care Kits
Our care kits are carefully curated for survivors of suicide loss, suicide attempt survivors, and individuals struggling with suicidal ideation. These kits include resources, books, journals, candles, teas, and more. Your donations allow us to provide these to families and individuals at no cost to them.

Mentally Covered mini-libraries are small tabletop displays that hold a variety of resources, including pamphlets, flyers, stickers, and pins. Our mini-libraries can be found in various locations throughout the country including public libraries, schools, coffee shops, and more. Your donations allow us to distribute these valuable resources to communities at no cost to them.

Resource Center
The Speedy Foundation offers a wide array of physical and digital resources. We believe that prevention starts with awareness and education and that everyone should have equal access to life saving information. Your donations allow us to distribute educational resources to anyone in need at no cost to them.