The Upstanders

The Upstanders explores all sides of bullying, from the brain science to how it plays out from subtle scenarios to full blown bullying. Social media’s power means that bully behavior is now a 24/7 phenomenon, where even changing schools, jobs and phone numbers, or deleting accounts cannot stop the cycle. Covid has increased the incidence of cyber-bullying by 70%. The Upstanders film program shares safe proven strategies and is rooted in character building. It inspires kindness, honesty, respect, empathy, trust and connection.

Weaving together personal stories of kids and their families, as well as educators, brain-scientists and mental health experts, The Upstanders shows the importance of safely modeling empathy and resilience to transform attitudes and action. It breaks down power dynamics and highlights new laws and established programs that are already reducing bullying in schools, the workplace and other communities. It shows that everyone is needed to eradicate bullying, and gives all of us the confidence and tools to become 'Upstanders'.

The Impact

The Upstanders Trailer

  • 6th Grade Student

    "I've seen a lot of movies about bullying, but the focus on brain science and how bullying has evolved was very interesting and made me think differently"

  • Middle School Teacher

    "What struck me is that we need a cultural shift in our school. I feel like we need to start emulating what we saw in the film - celebrating kindness, rather than consequences for unwanted behavior."

  • 7th Grade Student

    "I think this documentary really reflects what our world is like today. But as bad as things seem, I left hopeful that we can make a change. And I know I can be a part of this change."

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