The Hurricane Lives On


PARK CITY, UT (Feb. 1, 2012) – On the eve of the Visa Freestyle International World Cup, Deer Valley Resort has renamed its unique freestyle aerials tow lift “The Hurricane” in memory of the late Jeret “Speedy” Peterson. The tow is used to shuttle aerials athletes to the top of the jump for the annual International Ski Federation World Cup. The 2010 Olympic silver medalist in freestyle aerials, Peterson won two of his seven World Cups at Deer Valley including setting a world record two-jump score of 268.70 in January of 2007 landing his trademark Hurricane – three flips and five twists.

Deer Valley was the home aerials hill for three-time Olympian Jeret “Speedy” Peterson, a native of Boise, ID. Peterson won seven career World Cups, including back-to-back wins in January, 2007 with a world record two-jump score of 268.70. Peterson was one of the most popular athletes on the World Cup and know for his constant caring for his friends and fellow competitors.

Immediately following the press conference in Deer Valley's Snow Park Lodge, resort officials posted the sign at the bottom of the lift on the right side of the aerials jump.

Friends and family have started The Speedy Foundation ( in his memory as a non-profit organization dedicated to understanding mental illness, preventing suicide and fighting stigma through education, research, and advocacy.

Graham Watanabe (U.S. Snowboarding athlete and friend of Speedy and family)
As anyone who met Speedy knows, you didn’t just know him you experienced him. It’s an honor to be a part of what the family has built – The Speedy Foundation.

This sign in his honor is an extension of what The Speedy Foundation hopes to achieve. We’re hoping to never forget Speedy and to extend his vision. He suffered from depression and wasn’t one to hide from it. He battled it head on and wasn’t afraid to let people know it was something that needed to be dealt with and understood. His goals of spreading awareness and advocating for mental illness is something we’re embodying with The Speedy Foundation.

Emily Cook (U.S. Freestyle Ski Team)
This week is about remembering Speedy and honoring him. We'll unveil this sign today that will name our lift after him. For me, having it up there to rememer him every round will be pretty nice.

Bob Wheaton (Deer Valley President and General Manager)
In everyone's life there's a time when a person comes into your life and is truly memorable. For me personally, and for all of us at Deer Valley, Speedy was one of those people His charisma was unmistakeable, his energy was unmatched and what he did on the field of play was pretty darned incredible. The Hurricane was his favorite trick, he landed it here, so we thought naming the lift that all of the aerialists take to get back up to the top of the inrun in his honor.

THE HURRICANE (Sign to be posted at aerials tow rope)
In memory of Jeret "Speedy" Peterson, 2010 Olympic Silver Medalist, who earned the highest ever aerial score when he landed his signature Hurricane Jump at Deer Valley on January 11, 2007.

The Speedy Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to understanding mental illness, preventing suicide and fighting stigma through education, research, and advocacy. It was formed in 2011 in the loving memory of Idaho native Jeret “Speedy” Peterson, an Olympic freestyle aerials medalist whose life was characterized by his service to others. The Speedy Foundation raises money to support education and research to help prevent suicide and engages with advocacy groups such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to increase awareness of suicide prevention with the public. For more information go

Photo: Getty Images-Matt Stockman
Members of the U.S. Freestyle Ski Team, plus family spokesperson and U.S. Snowboarding rider Graham Watanabe, pose with the new sign dedicating Deer Valley's aerials tow lift as The Hurricane in memory of Jeret "Speedy" Peterson. 

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