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Columbia Protocol (C-SSRS) Training

Columbia Protocol (C-SSRS) Training

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The Columbia Protocol, also known as Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) uses simple questions that anyone can ask to support suicide risk assessment. 

The answers help users identify whether someone is at risk for suicide, assess the severity and immediacy of that risk, and gauge the level of support that the person needs. Users of the tool ask people:

  • Whether and when they have thought about suicide (ideation)
  • What actions they have taken - and when - to prepare for suicide
  • Whether and when they attempted suicide or began a suicide attempt that was either interrupted by another person or stopped of their own volition. 

This training utilizes video depictions of scenarios to increase your ability to support someone in need. You do not need any mental health experience to use the Columbia Protocol. The protocol is intended for research, communities and healthcare, family, friends, and neighbors.

The approximate completion time for this course is 45 minutes. 

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