Suicide Prevention & Recovery Month Toolkit

  • National Suicide Prevention Month - September
  • National Recovery Month - September
  • Suicide Prevention Week - September 10-16th, 2023
  • World Suicide Prevention Day - September 10, 2023


This year, in support of Suicide Prevention and Recovery Month, we're highlighting the power of connection and resilience. Resilience empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and navigate challenges. It's the inner strength that keeps us going in times of adversity. Connection brings people together to find support, hope, and healing, reminding us that we're never alone in our struggles.

This toolkit includes sample social media graphics, activities, resources, and other messaging materials to share with your community. These materials are intended to encourage conversations and actions that promote suicide prevention and recovery. Use these messages to help spread the word that suicide is preventable and help and hope is always available.

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Safe Messaging Guidelines

When talking about sensitive topics, such as suicide, it's critical to be be mindful of safe and effective messaging guidelines.

Social Media Shareables

Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, social media is an excellent way to stay connected to your community. Use these pre-made social media graphics and captions to share informational messages and messages of hope.

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"Take What You Need" Activity Sheets

These "Take What You Need" activity sheets are a great way to deliver calls to action and words of affirmations to members of your community. Simply print out these sheets and hang them in areas with moderate to heavy traffic. Some of our favorite locations include coffee shops, libraries, bus stops, restaurants, company offices, community centers, and fitness centers.

Letter to an Elected Official

Take ACTION this Suicide Prevention Month by urging your representatives to support the 988 Implementation Act of 2023.

This bill seeks to provide federal funding to states to bolster and expand 988 services across the state.


Press Release

Send a press release to your community’s newspaper to raise awareness for Suicide Prevention & Recovery month activities in your community. Share stories of how your community is taking steps to prevent suicide and promote recovery. Use the press release template provided or write your own.

News Bulletins

Post these on the bulletin boards at your local church, school, park, or anywhere else you see fit.