PACEs Connection


PACEs Connection, an ever-growing social network, connects those who are implementing trauma-informed and resilience-building practices based on ACEs science. The network’s 40,000+ members share their best practices while inspiring each other to grow the PACEs movement.

PACEs Connection supports hundreds of local ACEs initiatives in neighborhoods, cities, counties, states and nations. They provide initiatives with a free community site on PACEs Connection, guidelines on how to launch and grow local PACEs initiatives, and tools to automatically track their growth. For established initiatives, they offer access to more powerful and advanced tools, guidelines and services in the PACEs Connection Cooperative of Communities to help initiatives easily measure their progress and track outcomes. They also have interest-based communities, such as PACEs in Education and Parenting with PACEs. Their goal is to help initiatives share policies and practices to leverage their community’s ideas, successes and challenges to solve their most intractable problems using PACEs science.

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