Idaho nonprofit streams mental health film trilogy for suicide prevention and education

The Speedy Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to advocating suicide prevention, is taking a unique approach to educating the public about mental health. They have started a film trilogy hoping to ignite conversations that end the stigma related to mental health.

Grace Shimatsu, Prevention Specialist and Project Manager for the Speedy Foundation, says this is something new that they're excited to share.

"They have been super successful in other states. They're really easy to digest. They're pretty entertaining as well," said Shimatsu. "We saw the success that other organizations and other states were having with them and really wanted to bring them to Idaho."

Shimatsu says each film tackles a different issue. The first film, "Upstanders," is about bullying and provides tips on how to stand up for others in situations of injustice. The second film is "Angst," which is about anxiety. The third film, "Like," is about social media and how we can create healthier relationships with technology. You can learn more about each film here.

The films are free to stream online and range between 45 minutes and an hour and a half. Shimatsu says they are for children 10 and up and are great for parents, teachers, coaches and anyone interested in learning more.

There are community film screenings if you do not want to watch alone. The next screening is on Oct. 19 at Boise State University. The event will be open to the community and include resources on mental health. You can get your tickets HERE.

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