Drew Petersen returns to Truckee for exclusive screening of ‘Feel It All’

Jun 30, 2024

Submitted to the Sun

TRUCKEE, Calif. – Amidst the observance of Men’s Mental Health Month, Truckee welcomes acclaimed filmmaker Drew Petersen back to town for a special screening of his latest work, “Feel It All.” The private event, held at Lift Truckee, brought together 48 local mental health advocates, community leaders, and media for an evening focused on promoting dialogue and awareness through film.

An Evening of Connection and Reflection

Attendees gathered at Lift Truckee on Tuesday, June 25, for an evening that blended introspection with community engagement. The event commenced with a mix-and-mingle session featuring mocktails, munchies, and musical performances by John Kedzie from the Tahoe School of Music. The ambiance set the stage for meaningful conversations before the screening.

At 6:30 p.m., the lights dimmed as Drew Petersen introduced his 34-minute film, “Feel It All,” an exploration of mental health challenges faced by men. The documentary, which has garnered attention from media outlets like Powder Magazine, 5280 Magazine, and The Colorado Sun, having captivated the audience with its raw honesty and emotional depth.

A Conversation to Inspire Action

Following the screening, Petersen engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with attendees, delving into the film’s themes and production process. The ensuing Q&A session allowed for a deeper exploration of mental health issues and strategies for community support.

Looking Ahead: Bringing the Message Home

The evening concluded with a call to action, rallying support to bring “Feel It All” back to Truckee/Tahoe for a public screening in September. Community leaders and advocates pledged to collaborate on initiatives that promote mental wellness and destigmatize conversations about mental health.

About “Feel It All”

“Feel It All” continues to resonate with audiences for its authentic portrayal of personal struggles and resilience. Through Petersen’s lens, the film not only raises awareness but also encourages empathy and understanding.

For more information about “Feel It All” and to get involved in planning upcoming screenings, including the public event in September, please visit http://www.tahoelifeline.org/events.

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