Virtual Concert with Jeff Crosby and Darci Carlson

 November 21, 2020

Who needs a pick-me-up?

WE DO!!!

We missed live music. We missed our friends and family. We wanted to see our crew and have desperately missed our 2020 live events. So, as Covid-19 rates increase and physical distancing is crucial, we all need to connect and share joy remotely. We were thrilled to have Jeff Crosby and Darci Carlson share their musical talents.

Jeff Crosby and the Refugees have been kind enough to play for The Speedy Foundation at events like the Sundance Film Festival in the past. We hope you enjoy this virtual show and please make sure to support local!



“If you like your country music full of attitude and rebel yells then look no further” -

“Crosby’s songs present almost as pages ripped out of an intimately personal diary, capturing what it means to have loved, lost and kept on the move. There seems to be no shortage of inspiration as Crosby is one of the last few “troubadours” that truly lives the life he sings about. His music has been favorably compared to great singer-songwriters from Bob Dylan to Townes Van Zandt to Steve Earle.” - Glide Magazine

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